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Tonymoly The Chok Chok Green Tea No-Wash Cleansing Water

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This hydrating cleansing water removes skin impurities while also providing gentle hydration so even the most sensitive skin can achieve a deep cleanse without skin feeling tight and stripped of its natural oils. Infused with 10,000 ppm of our specially fermented green tea, our antioxidant-rich cleansing water purifies and refreshes tired skin with a one-step cleanse by sweeping away makeup and other skin-clogging impurities and prepping the skin for the following skincare.

Our Chok Chok collection features a special fermented Korean green tea called 'ChungTaeJeon' with over a thousand years of history. 'ChungTaeJeon', the world's first naturally fermented green tea, is fermented through sunlight for over 365 days and provides gentle yet intense moisture and hydration that lasts.

这款保湿洁面水可去除皮肤杂质,同时提供温和的水分,因此即使是最敏感的皮肤也可以实现深层清洁,而不会让皮肤感到紧绷和剥落其天然油脂。富含 10,000 ppm 的特制发酵绿茶,我们的富含抗氧化剂的清洁水可通过一步清洁去除化妆品和其他堵塞皮肤的杂质,并为后续护肤做好准备,从而净化和恢复疲惫的肌肤。 
我们的 Chok Chok 系列采用一种名为“ChungTaeJeon”的特殊发酵韩国绿茶,具有一千多年的历史。 'ChungTaeJeon' 是世界上第一种天然发酵绿茶,在阳光下发酵超过 365 天,提供温和而持久的水分和水分。


  • Pure Fermented Green Tea Extract - Naturally fermented green tea with high anti-oxidant and moisturising benefits to skin, much higher than that of fresh green tea. TONYMOLY Global Exclusive.
  • Lemon seed Oil - Filled with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Rosewood Oil - Soothing and revitalising

How to use: 

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Apply onto cotton pad and gently sweep over skin.
  3. If removing lip and eye makeup, let the soaked cotton pad rest on lip and eyes for a few seconds before wiping away makeup.

Size: 100ml/300ml/500ml

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