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Tonymoly Pro Clean Smoky Eraser

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Ever wish your eyeliner came with an eraser? Our makeup eraser easily fixes any makeup blunders with our precise pen applicator so that you can control even the tiniest mistakes. Pop this in your bag for on-the-go touch ups, whether it’s smudged eyeliner or mascara flakes, our eraser will help your makeup look flawless anytime and anywhere. KEY INGREDIENTS Argan Oil, Camellia Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Calendula Oil - Gently conditions and hydrates the skin while also deep cleansing. HOW TO USE? Gently dab or swipe the eraser on areas that need touching up either during or after makeup application. No need to use a tissue or cotton swab to wipe off the formula-- just wait for it to dry. TIP: After each use, lightly tap or wipe the tip of the pen applicator off on a clean tissue to keep the applicator clean and ready for the next use.

曾经希望您的眼线笔带有橡皮擦吗?我们的化妆橡皮擦可以使用我们精确的笔式涂抹器轻松修复任何化妆错误,以便您可以控制即使是最微小的错误。将它放入您的包中,随时随地进行修饰,无论是晕染的眼线笔还是睫毛膏片,我们的橡皮擦都能随时随地帮助您的妆容看起来完美无瑕。主要成分摩洛哥坚果油、山茶油、鳄梨油、荷荷巴油、葵花油、金盏花油 - 温和调理和滋润肌肤,同时深层清洁。如何使用?在化妆期间或之后,在需要修饰的区域轻轻涂抹或滑动橡皮擦。无需使用纸巾或棉签擦拭配方 - 只需等待其干燥即可。提示:每次使用后,在干净的纸巾上轻轻敲打或擦拭笔尖,以保持涂抹器清洁并为下次使用做好准备。

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