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RAYA OFFER- TONYMOLY Whitening Shield Patch 4.1g

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A patch that protects the skin from sunlight and takes care of blemishes and freckles at once.
It is made with a design specialized for the blemishes zone and provides perfect close care even during various activities.
As a moist and elastic hydrogel patch, it provides elasticity and nutrition to the skin and minimizes skin irritation.
It is a breathable fabric that allows the skin to breathe, making it soft and not stuffy.
Contains centella extract, madecassoside, asiatic coside, asiatic acid, and madecassic acid to soothe sensitive skin.
Contains alpha-arbutin and beta-arbutin, which reduce melanin, to reduce blemishes.
It contains rainbow rack extract and alpha-bisabolol extract to suppress excess melanin.
Contains niacinamide to block the movement of melanin.
Contains alpha lipoic acid to brighten and brighten skin tone.

一种保护皮肤免受阳光照射并立即护理瑕疵和雀斑的贴剂。 它采用专门针对瑕疵区域的设计制成,即使在各种活动中也能提供完美的贴身护理。 作为一种湿润而有弹性的水凝胶贴剂,它为皮肤提供弹性和营养,并最大限度地减少对皮肤的刺激。 它是一种透气面料,可以让皮肤呼吸,使其柔软而不闷。 含有积雪草提取物、羟基积雪草苷、积雪草苷、积雪草酸和羟基积雪草酸,可舒缓敏感肌肤。 含有α-熊果苷和β-熊果苷,可减少黑色素,减少瑕疵。 它含有彩虹架提取物和α-红没药醇提取物,以抑制多余的黑色素。 含有烟酰胺以阻止黑色素的运动。 含有α硫辛酸,可提亮肤色。

[How to use]

1. Clean the patch attachment area. (Can be used after sunscreen or makeup.)
2. Open the pouch and peel the patch on the protective film.
3. Apply evenly around the eyes and cheekbones, which are weak in sunlight. (It can be freely attached by setting the patch direction according to the area of concern.)
4. Remove gently after 30 minutes. (You can use it for a long time during outdoor activities.)

清洁贴片附着区域。 (可在防晒或化妆后使用。) 2. 打开小袋,撕下保护膜上的贴片。 3. 均匀涂抹在阳光较弱的眼睛和颧骨周围。 (可以根据关注区域设置贴片方向自由粘贴。) 4. 30 分钟后轻轻取出。 (户外活动时可以长时间使用。)

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack(5pcs)

The firm, nourishing formulation touches the skin, providing a moist and nourishing sensation for a long time and helping to improve spots.


1. Anti-wrinkle, whitening double-functional cosmetics. 

2. All Care from the inside to the outside. 

3. Contains up to 7% whitening ingredients. 

4. EWG mild prescription whitening cream that provides deep, step-by-step melasma care. 

5. The texture that penetrates into the skin with a tight and nutritious feel gives a moist and nourishing sense for a long time and helps to improve spots.

stock: 2024/09/24

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