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TONYMOLY GIMIYA Vita C Ampoule Stick - 9g

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[TONYMOLY] GIMIYA Vita C Ampoule Stick - 9g


A whitening ampoule stick containing pure vitamin C that helps to relieve blemishes and freckles.
Moisturizing ampoule base containing 550,000ppm of vegetable squalane and nourishing ampoule oil form a moisturizing skin barrier.
Contains alpha-arbutin and beta-arbutin, which reduce melanin, to reduce blemishes.
It contains rainbow rack extract and alpha-bisabolol extract to suppress excess melanin.
Contains niacinamide to block the movement of melanin.
Contains alpha lipoic acid to brighten and brighten skin tone.
It contains 99% pure vitamin C from the British DMS company, vitamin tree water, and vitamin C derivatives to supply rich vitamins to the skin and care for bright and lively skin.
Contains rice bran oil, avocado oil and rosehip fruit oil to provide rich nutrition to the skin.

含有纯维生素 C 的美白安瓿棒,有助于消除瑕疵和雀斑。 含有550,000ppm植物角鲨烷和滋养安瓿油的保湿安瓿底座形成保湿皮肤屏障。 含有α-熊果苷和β-熊果苷,可减少黑色素,减少瑕疵。 它含有彩虹架提取物和α-没药醇提取物,可抑制多余的黑色素。 含有烟酰胺以阻止黑色素的运动。 含有α硫辛酸,可提亮肤色。 它含有99%来自英国DMS公司的纯维生素C、维生素树水和维生素C衍生物,为肌肤提供丰富的维生素,呵护明亮有活力的肌肤。 含有米糠油、鳄梨油和玫瑰果油,为肌肤提供丰富的营养。

[How to use]

Turn the dial at the bottom of the container to raise the contents by 5 mm, and then gently spread from the inside of the face to the outside.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 9g

stock: 2023/09/27

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