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RAYA OFFER-TONYMOLY Double Needs Pangpang Mascara-limited offer

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This long setting provides an eyelash extension effect to your eye lashes,
making them appear longer.

这种长设置为您的睫毛提供睫毛延长效果, 使它们显得更长。

[ 01 Volume Pang ]
Big volume that lasts long with bold volume like wearing fake lashes without lump. Recommend to thin lashes with light color.

How to Use: Lift like zigzagging from the root. Offer volume with the head of brush delicately.

[ 02 Curling Pang ]
High curling that lasts long in high and long like applying lash curling. Recommended to weak, thin and short lashes.

How to Use: Lift like zigzagging from the root. Re-apply on areas where you want to give point. 

 [ 03 Long Long Lash ] 
Long lash that 4mm of long fiber creates doll like eyes. Recommended to weak and thin lashes

How to Use: Lift like zigzagging from the root. 

 [ 04 WaterProof ] 
Budgeproof and long-wearing.This smudge-proof and water-proof mascara delivers long, lush lashes that last.

How to use:Use the brush to coat, lift, separate and add length to lashes.

Size: 10g

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