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New year discount-Tonymoly Double Cover Tip Concealer (5 Tone)

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Powerful cover tip concealer that gently fits gently but lightly.


-Whitening, wrinkle improvement and sun protection triple function cosmetic
-Strong coverage tip concealer with one touch to give soft and light fit
-High fit oil film formula to give thin and light fit
-Light airy use creamy concealer
-Pink tone, yellow tone, neutral tone 5 colors customized use concealer
-SPF 38+, PA+++

How to use:
1. When calibrating the toned skin tone - spread the tip spread out broadly. Hand or puff, etc., and finish the finished skin uniform and clean cover!
2. When covering the dirt, trouble marks, etc. - Take the tip straight up, stick it in the end part and pat it.
3. When you want perfect base production - Concealer to fit skin tone and apply P01 pair on the forehead, under the eyes, and chin tip to apply the high lighter effect, N03 Honey under the clown and under the cheek to shading effect at once!

#N00 (#17) PORCELAIN -for fair skin with neutral undertones

#Y1 (#21) VANILLA -for light skin with warm yellow undertones

#Y2 (#23) BEIGE- for medium skin with warm undertones

#P1 (#21) FAIR-for fair skin with pink undertones

#P2 (#23) PETAL - for medium skin with cool undertones

-美白、抗皱、防晒三重功能化妆品 - 强效覆盖尖端遮瑕膏,轻轻一触即可提供柔软轻盈的贴合感 - 高贴合油膜配方,轻薄贴合 - 轻盈透气的遮瑕膏 -粉色调、黄色色调、中性色调 5 种颜色定制使用遮瑕膏 -SPF 38+,PA+++ 
如何使用: 1. 校准色调肤色时 - 将尖端广泛展开。用手或粉扑等,并完成完成的皮肤均匀和清洁覆盖! 2. 覆盖污垢、故障痕迹等时 - 将尖端笔直向上,贴在末端部分并轻拍。 3. 想要完美打底时——遮瑕膏贴合肤色,在额头、眼睛下方和下巴尖端涂抹P01对,涂抹高光效果,在小丑下方和脸颊下方涂抹N03蜂蜜,立即达到遮瑕效果!
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