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Daily Fresh Aloe Mask Sheet (15g x 10pcs )

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  • Easy to carry anytime, anywhere
  • Soothing & moisturising mask revitalises the skin giving an instant glow
  • Contains aloe vera leaf extracts (1,000ppm): 
  • Soothes and moisturises skin irritated by harmful out side air, revitalising the skin to make it look-alive instantly
  • Portable zipper bag type to use refreshingly whenever and wherever. Offers instant vitality and energy to skin, soothes redness of skin and offers moisture. Paraben, ethyl alcohol, mineral oil, benzophenone, phenoxy ethanol, triethanolamine free. 
  • How to Use  Before opening a pouch, tap 2-3 times to make essence be absorbed to a mask sheet.  After cleansing, pull out one sheet of mask sheet and fit to all over face evenly. After 20-30 minutes, remove a mask sheet and pat the remainder essence lightly for absorption.
  • 随时随地轻松携带 舒缓和保湿面膜使肌肤焕发活力,瞬间焕发光彩 含有芦荟叶提取物(1,000ppm): 舒缓和滋润受外界有害空气刺激的皮肤,使皮肤恢复活力,立即焕发活力 随时随地提神使用的手提式拉链袋型。为肌肤提供即时活力和能量,舒缓肌肤泛红并提供水分。对羟基苯甲酸酯、乙醇、矿物油、二苯甲酮、苯氧基乙醇、不含三乙醇胺。 使用方法 开袋前,轻拍2-3次,让精华被面膜吸收。洁面后,拉出一张面膜纸,均匀贴合全脸。 20-30分钟后,取下面膜纸,轻轻拍打剩余精华液至吸收。
  • 15g x 10pcs

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