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RAYA OFFER-TONYMOLY Bio EX Cell Toning Emulsion 130ml

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  • Product Description

  • A brightening emulsion which penetrates into skin to create skin moisture barrier with Stem Cell to keep skin hydrated and glow all day long.
    Improves oil & moisture balance of skin, which controls excessive sebum and oil and deliver deep moisture and nourishment.
    Formulated with Vitamin B12, Alpha-bisabolol and Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether to deliver excellent a brightening effect.
  • The Bio EX Cell Toning line containing Glutathione & Criste-marine stem cell.
    Brightening & tone up cream that contains Glutathione and Tranexamic acid to remove freckle without skin irritation.
    Enriched with Hippophae rhamnoides water to moisturize the skin and create bright, dewy skin.
    Contains Crithmum maritimum callus culture filtrate for nourishing the skin.
    Vitamin B12 helps brighten and tone up the skin.
    Cream with high adherence for brightening, moisturizing, and treating freckle and blemish.
  • Bio EX Cell Toning 系列含有谷胱甘肽和 Criste-marine 干细胞。 含有谷胱甘肽和传明酸的亮白和调理霜,可去除雀斑而不会刺激皮肤。 富含沙棘水,滋润肌肤,打造明亮、水润的肌肤。 含有Crithmum maritimum愈伤组织培养滤液,滋养肌肤。 维生素 B12 有助于提亮和调理皮肤。 具有高附着力的乳霜,用于提亮、保湿和治疗雀斑和瑕疵。
  • How To Use

  • Apply an appropriate amount along the skin texture evenly.
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