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RAYA OFFER--Tonymoly Age Floria Wrinkle Perfect Toner 140ml

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💦Anti-aging care, as if outlined on the skin.
💖Moisturizing boosting toner + Antioxidant toner + Skin texture care toner + Cream toner + Cream toner

💛Two to four weeks Anti-aging: Moisture.Wrinkle improvement. Whitening double functional cosmetics
Skin Energy Grants / Contains 92% of Natural Ingredients

💚Outlined Skin Representation: Outlined Anti-Aging Line
Pulled inside the skin / drooping cheeks / wrinkles / collapsed jawline

💜A highly moisturizing base containing stabilized vitamin A derivative, retinol, and wrinkle-improving functional ingredients forms a nutritional protective film that tightens and tightens the skin, giving elasticity and healthy gloss to the skin.

💛Marigold (Port Marigold Extract) has 100 hours of qualitative fermentation + golden energy with lutein (Xantophil) to make skin stronger and stronger.

🔆It is a moisturizing cream water texture that gently permeates the skin and provides a moist nutrition.

✳I recommend it to people like this.~

✔ Skin that has become severely dry recently unlike before
✔Rough and glossy skin
✔Dry skin that lacks elasticity and easily feels dry and wrinkled skin


皮肤能量补助 / 包含 92% 的天然成分



💛万寿菊(Port Marigold Extract)有100小时的定性发酵+黄金能量与叶黄素(Xantophil),让皮肤变得越来越强。



✔ 与以往不同,最近变得严重干燥的皮肤

💨How to Use:
After washing your face, take an appropriate amount of content on your hands or cotton pads and gently spread it along the skin texture and pat it to absorb it.

❣Capacity: 140 ml

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