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Tonymoly Age Floria Wrinkle Perfect Firming Cream 50ml

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An anti-aging cream that focuses on contouring skin, wrinkle improvement, elasticity and lifting care.
Contains Calendula Flower Extract and A Wrinkle TM Complex that keep the skin resilient.
Contains 77% natural ingredients which is suitable for sensitive skin.
Strengthens skin barrier and adds glow to the skin.
Effectively enhances skin condition in 2 weeks.
Completed Human Application Tests.

  • As if you’re contouring your skin, wrinkle improvement + elasticity + lifting care!
  • An elasticity cream that makes your skin firmer through wrinkle improvement and lifting care.
    The formula, which further strengthens the moisturizing ingredients that give it a sense of volume and elasticity, gently wraps the skin to provide a radiant skin nourishment.
    It contains 86% natural ingredients for sensitive skin.
  • Total anti-aging that makes your skin firm!

How to use:
Apply an appropriate amount on your entire face, after using emulsion and ampoule.

一款抗衰老面霜,专注于塑造皮肤轮廓、改善皱纹、弹力和提升护理。 含有金盏花提取物和 A WrinkleTM 复合物,可保持皮肤弹性。 含有77%天然成分,适合敏感肌肤使用。 强化肌肤屏障,为肌肤增添光彩。 2周内有效改善皮肤状况。 完成了人体应用测试。 
如何使用: 使用乳液和安瓿后,取适量涂抹于全脸。
就好像你在塑造你的皮肤一样,改善皱纹+弹力+提拉护理! 通过改善皱纹和提升护理使您的皮肤更紧致的弹性乳霜。 该配方进一步强化保湿成分,赋予其丰盈感和弹性,轻柔包裹肌肤,为肌肤提供容光焕发的滋养。 它含有 86% 的天然成分,适合敏感肌肤使用。 全面抗衰老,让您的皮肤紧致!

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