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Tonymoly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch-LIMITED OFFER

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  • This mask is filled with a medley of hydrating and nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin C, Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry Extract. The serum-packed hydrogel moisturizes and plumps your lips, leaving them super soft and smooth. KEY INGREDIENTS Collagen - Supports skin structure and elasticity. Witch Hazel Extract - Improves corneum barrier function and prevents water evaporation, providing a moisturizing effect.. TIP: For continued hydration, try our Kiss Kiss Essence Balm!
  • Ingredients : Bearberry  leaf extract, black berry extract , blueberry extract , strawberry extract
  • Lip sheet pack that takes care of lip with sweetness +moisture +elasticity .
  • Hydro gel type of sheet pack with hardened essence .
  • Mixed with berry complex with full of vitamin C .
  • Delivers excellent adherence and cooling feeling .
  • Large size that covers to mouth.
  • Sweet strawberry fragrance .

How to Use:

  •  After cleansing and toning, remove patch from packaging (make sure to peel off the clear liner) and place over lips for 20 minutes. Remove and pat remaining essence in until fully absorbed.
  • 这款面膜富含多种保湿和滋养成分,如维生素 C、草莓、蓝莓和黑莓提取物。富含血清的水凝胶可滋润和丰盈双唇,令双唇超级柔软光滑。主要成分 胶原蛋白 - 支持皮肤结构和弹性。金缕梅提取物 - 改善角质层屏障功能并防止水分蒸发,提供保湿效果.. 提示:如需持续补水,请尝试我们的 Kiss Kiss Essence Balm! 成分:熊果叶提取物、黑莓提取物、蓝莓提取物、草莓提取物 甜美+滋润+弹力呵护双唇的唇膜包。 具有硬化精华的水凝胶型片状包装。 混合浆果复合物,富含维生素C。 提供出色的附着力和凉爽感。 覆盖到嘴巴的大尺寸。 甜草莓香味。 如何使用:  洁面和爽肤后,从包装中取出贴剂(确保撕掉透明衬里)并放在嘴唇上 20 分钟。取出并轻拍剩余的精华直至完全吸收。 

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