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Tonymoly Dr.Scarlet Volume Hair Fixer 200ml

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It is a functional cosmetic for alleviating hair loss symptoms that can be produced from root volume to styling.
This is a 3 in 1 Clinic of scalp care + styling + hair care.
It is a mild product containing 93% plant-derived ingredients and can be used on any hair without any burden.
A mixed extract composed of 11 traditional herbal medicines used in Korea takes care of hair and scalp at the same time.
It gives volume to the bangs, roots, etc., giving you a richer hair style.
The light watery formula does not harden the hair and creates a natural volume.

[How to use]

[Bangs Volume]
After rolling up the hair roll, keep a distance of 15-20 cm from the root and lightly spray 1-2 times to release the hair roll after about 5 minutes.

它是一种功能性化妆品,用于缓解从根部体积到造型的脱发症状。 这是一家头皮护理+造型+头发护理的三合一诊所。 它是一种含有 93% 植物成分的温和产品,可用于任何头发,没有任何负担。 由韩国使用的 11 种传统草药组成的混合提取物,同时呵护头发和头皮。 它为刘海、发根等提供体积感,让您拥有更丰富的发型。 轻盈的水润配方不会使头发变硬并创造自然的体积。 
[如何使用] 【刘海卷】 卷起发卷后,与根部保持15-20厘米的距离,轻喷1-2次,约5分钟后松开发卷

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