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Dr.Scarlet Silk Peptide Hair Serum 150ml

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The protein ingredients of silk extract helps the scalp and hair barrier, maintains moisture in the scalp, protects hair, and promotes hair growth.
Eight plant-derived oils nourish damaged hair and help maintain soft and healthy hair.
Contains brewer's yeast extract rich in protein, 8 kinds of amino acids, minerals and B vitamins to keep scalp and hair healthy
It gives luster to frizzy and dry hair and arranges it to create a calming hairstyle.
It provides nutrition and protein to damaged hair due to perm, dyeing, etc., and cares for healthy hair.

[How to use]

1. Stand the bottle upright and pump the coin-sized contents into the palm of your hand.
2. Apply hair serum evenly over the entire hair.
3. After drying, it is better to apply it to the hair string as a finishing touch.

蚕丝提取物的蛋白质成分有助于头皮和头发屏障,保持头皮水分,保护头发,促进头发生长。 八种植物油滋养受损的头发,帮助保持头发柔软健康。 含有富含蛋白质、8种氨基酸、矿物质和B族维生素的啤酒酵母提取物,保持头皮和头发健康 它为毛躁和干燥的头发带来光泽,并使其形成一种平静的发型。 为因烫发、染发等受损的头发提供营养和蛋白质,呵护健康秀发。 

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- Volume : 150ml

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