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TONYMOLY The Peach Chok Chok Body Peeling Mist 300ml

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A body peeling mist that gently removes wastes and dead skin cells from the skin by lightly spraying it on the skin and then rubbing it with your hands.
Simply spray, rub, and rinse and you're done.
It contains sweet peach scent, grapefruit extract, and 1,000ppm of peach extract that delivers moist moisture to nourish and vitalize the skin.
Five kinds of five grain complex (mung bean, black bean, walnut, rice bran, and adil radish) ingredients make rough skin smooth.
Cellulose removes wastes and dead skin cells accumulated on the skin, and plant-derived moisturizing ingredients keep the skin moist.
AHA, BHA, and PHA ingredients gently remove dead skin cells and replenish moisture.

[How to use]

1. After shaking the contents sufficiently, spray the peeling mist moderately on the area you want to remove dead skin cells while the skin is dry.
2. Massage gently in a circular motion after 2~3 minutes.
3. Wash off the extruded dead skin cells with water.

轻轻喷在皮肤上,然后用手揉搓,轻轻去除皮肤上的废物和死皮细胞的身体去角质喷雾。 只需喷洒、揉搓和冲洗即可完成。 它含有甜桃香味、葡萄柚提取物和 1,000ppm 的桃提取物,可提供湿润的水分,滋养和活化肌肤。 五种五谷复合物(绿豆、黑豆、核桃、米糠和萝卜)成分使粗糙的皮肤变得光滑。 纤维素去除堆积在皮肤上的废物和死皮细胞,植物来源的保湿成分保持皮肤湿润。 AHA、BHA 和 PHA 成分温和去除死皮细胞并补充水分。 
1. 充分摇晃内容物后,在皮肤干燥时,将去角质喷雾适度喷洒在想要去除死皮细胞的区域。 
2. 2~3分钟后轻轻打圈按摩。 
3. 用水洗掉挤出的死皮细胞。

stock: 2024/06/25

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