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TONYMOLY Super Intense Gold 24K Ginseng Snail Toner - 140ml

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[TONYMOLY] Super Intense Gold 24K Ginseng Snail Toner - 140ml


Super Intense Gold 24K Ginseng Snail Line contains silk amino acids that have a radiant glow to the skin that has lost vitality, 24K gold with 99.9% purity, and golden cocoon to make the skin firm and lively.
Fermented black snail ingredients aged for 240 hours provide dense moisture to dry skin and help skin density care.
Three types of carefully selected triple ginseng water (white ginseng, black ginseng, red ginseng) and ginseng saponin ingredients enhance the skin's natural balance to make the skin healthy.
It is an ampoule type toner that provides rich nutrition and moisture at the same time.
A texture that wraps the skin gently and moistly.
Moisture-filled ampoule toner absorbs into the skin elastically.

Super Intense Gold 24K Ginseng Snail Line 蕴含蚕丝氨基酸,让失去活力的肌肤焕发光彩,99.9%纯度的24K金,金丝茧,令肌肤紧致有活力。 发酵240小时的黑蜗牛成分为干燥的皮肤提供浓密的水分,帮助皮肤密度护理。 三种精心挑选的三重人参水(白参、黑参、红参)和人参皂苷成分增强皮肤的自然平衡,使皮肤健康。 它是一种同时提供丰富营养和水分的安瓿型爽肤水。 轻柔滋润包裹肌肤的质地。 充满水分的安瓿爽肤水有弹性地被皮肤吸收。

[How to use]

[Daily Care]
After washing your face, at the skin care cream stage, gently spread it on your skin and pat it for absorption.
When your skin is very dry, reapply thinly.

[Using skin pack]
Wet a cotton pad sufficiently and place it on a dry area like a pack for 3 minutes to use.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 140ml

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